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Giant Sequoia Commercial Christmas Tree

Unlit Giant Sequoia Tower Trees

Spread Christmas cheer with our most realistic giant commercial Christmas tree. Extremely durable, professional quality construction, and dense foliage - all at a great price!

  • Ready shape and weather resistant foliage for all outdoor conditions
  • UV-treated branches add extra resilience
  • Crush-resistant .2mm PVC needles
  • Easy and compact post-season storage - steel rings nest together
  • Concentric steel rings stack to form the conical shape of the tree
  • For height adjustment, simply add to or reduce the number of circles at the bottom
  • Color-coding makes assembly foolproof
  • Bolts come in universal sizes, so parts are interchangeable
  • Starting at the top, branches attach to the frame
  • All branches are identical in size, making them interchangeable.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized wire.
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty