How can I decorate my backyard for Christmas?

There are many fun ways to create a festive Christmas atmosphere in your yard, from budget friendly and easy projects that can be accomplished in under an hour to lavish decorations that are the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you keep it simple or go all out, the most important thing is to choose the right decorations that are both suited for outdoor use and are festive and inspirational.

Our favorite backyard Christmas décor are Christmas ball ornaments. They are by far the most versatile and easy to use Christmas decorations. Here are our top ways to use them this Christmas:

- Turn ordinary trees in your yard into stylish Christmas trees by decorating with ball ornaments. Choose a color scheme that matches the color of your house and the rest of your outdoor decorations. Bright colors work better than dark colors, because the latter will be hard to see at night. We love a mix of pretty colors, but a single shade keeps things simple and elegant. Illuminate the trees with brilliant LED Christmas light strings for a magical look and to highlight the color of the ball ornaments. Use large ball ornaments as visual anchors and fill in with smaller sized Christmas balls for a fuller look.

- Hang Christmas ball ornaments form porch railings, fences, windows, doors, roof gutters or overhangs. Again, make sure your choice of color(s) matches your house and overall outdoor Christmas décor, and use ball ornament sizes that are proportionate.

- Place giant outdoor ball ornaments in strategic locations in your backyard for visual interest, such as next to a door, on a porch, by a fountain or a tree. They require no hanging and instantly elevate your backyard.

Follow these pro tips to get the most out of your outdoor ball ornament decorations:

- Only use Christmas ball ornaments that are specifically made for outdoor use. We recommend using UV treated ball ornaments, which are fade resistant and can be used even in sunny climates. Certain finishes such as glitter and sequin are not suitable for outdoor use as the finish can come off in rain or snow.

- Only use commercial grade shatterproof ball ornaments when decorating outdoors. They are not unbreakable, but will not end up as hundreds of tiny shards if blown off of a tree, etc., minimizing the potential risk of injury.

- Always use fishing line for hanging ornaments outdoors as it is both string and invisible. Our commercial grade shatterproof Christmas ball ornaments are professionally pre-strung with floral wire. Attach the fishing line to the floral wire for maximum strength, or remove the floral wire and use the pre-drilled hole in the ornament neck to string the fishing line through. Never glue fishing line to an ornament as it can damage the finish and color.

For additional ideas on decorating with ball ornaments, check out our pages on DIY Christmas Ornaments, and find out how to weatherproof your Christmas ornaments.

Other ways to decorate your backyard for Christmas:

- LED Christmas light strings

- Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

- Outdoor Christmas Bows

- Pole Mounts

- Large Christmas Decorations, such as life sized nutcrackers or cone trees

- LED novelty lights

- Giant Christmas ornaments