Weatherproof Christmas Ornaments

Christmas decorations that are suitable for outdoor use are weatherproof and can be exposed to rain and snow without loosing function, form, or color. Make sure that Christmas d├ęcor is specifically made for outdoor use before you start decorating. We recommend contacting us if you are unsure about a product, because not only do you run the risk of damage, but improper use voids product warranties. If you'd like to use ornaments outdoors that are not specifically made for outdoor use, you can weatherproof them.


Apply a clear coat of polyurethane or acrylic to weatherproof Christmas ornaments, such as ball ornaments made of plastic or wood. This will only protect the ornaments from moisture, but not from sunlight. Try on a small area first to make sure the coating does not damage the color. Ornaments with glitter or sequin finish are not suitable for weatherproofing or outdoor use.

We highly recommend to always choose Christmas ornaments made of commercial grade material that are UV treated and specifically made for outdoor use. This will ensure that the color is fade resistant and will not be damaged by rain or snow.