Santa's Quarters

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are one of the most iconic Christmas decorations and certainly the easiest way to add a festive touch to your home. But most evergreen foliage stays fresh for only a short time, especially in dry indoor conditions and hot weather such as in southern climates. The needles eventually become dry and fall off, and the once beautiful arrangement turns into an ugly mess. That's why thousands of customers have chosen our artificial Christmas wreaths.

✓ The foliage always stays “fresh” and looks beautiful for many years to come.
✓ Available in many sizes to suit all decorating needs, up to an impressive 12'.
✓ No need to spend money on buying a new wreath every year.

Artificial Christmas Garlands

Stairwells, mantels, balconies, and door frames – these are just some of the places we love to decorate with garland. They instantly add a festive touch to any room in your house, and are a lovely way to spruce up your front door for the holidays. With our fabulous selection of garlands, creating magical Christmas displays is easy and what's best, there are no dried up needles to clean up! Our artificial garlands stay beautiful for many years to come, saving you a lot of money along the way.