Artificial Alpine Christmas Trees

Inspired by the rustic charm of high altitude forests in the Swiss mountains, our Alpine Trees add a unique flair to the home. Natural trunks and rugged silhouettes are reminiscent of quaint wooden chalets nestled in the snow covered Alps, and provide a versatile canvas for seasonal decorating.

Available in a range of styles, Alpine Trees feature a unique construction that differs from that of our other artificial Christmas trees:

- Natural trunk consists of one piece
- Flat metal platform provides a sturdy base
- Branches are fixed to the trunk (no hinges)

Like with all of our trees, a manufacturer's warranty is automatically included with the purchase of an Alpine Tree. And just like on a real tree, the branches and tips are sturdy enough to hold even the biggest ornaments. Pre-lit models are equipped with professionally strung top quality lights that add a magical glow to the tree. To further enhance the rustic beauty of our Alpine Trees, some of them feature real pine cones or flocking for a winter white look.

The term flocking refers to the professional application of artificial snow to foliage, lending the tree a “snowy” look. Please note that our flocking is professionally applied and will last for many years to come. It is normal for a small amount of the flocking to come off during assembly and take-down, but this will not diminish the flocked look of your tree.

Our Alpine Trees are shipped in heavy duty cardboard boxes, which can be used as storage during the off-season. To protect your tree from dust, moisture, heat, and direct sunlight, we recommend that you store it in a dark, dry, and cool place, either in its original box or in a tree storage bag.