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Whether you are looking for a beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays or are planning a big commercial project, our collection of plain artificial Christmas wreaths is the perfect choice to create a festive atmosphere in an instant. Featuring a large variety of traditional evergreen foliage, a holiday wreath from Santa's Quarters is one of the most versatile forms of Christmas decoration. Use it as a door wreath to welcome friends and family into your home this holiday season, hang it above a mantle or in a window, or spread joy at family gatherings with a festive table wreath.

A lush pine wreath with classic evergreen foliage can easily match any décor theme, including your Christmas tree, and many artificial Christmas wreaths are even available with a matching garland choice. We are particularly fond of artificial wreaths adorned with pine cones for their natural and timeless look. If you are looking for the ultimate life-like appearance, we recommend an artificial Christmas wreath with molded PE needles, which are designed with commercial quality materials to give the illusion of live foliage and retain their beauty season after season. Depending on the scope of your project, choose a Christmas wreath that is unlit or professionally pre-lit with premium quality LED Christmas lights. If you are not sure whether an artificial Christmas wreath can be used outdoors, refer to this simple rule of thumb – if it is dusted or flocked with faux snow or features berry décor, you should only use the wreath indoors.


Adorned with rich berry, ornament, and floral décor, our artificial Christmas wreath collection helps you celebrate the holidays with traditional colors and symbols. Nothing says Christmas like the emerald green needles of a Christmas wreath accentuated with a red berry spray, shiny Christmas ornaments, natural pine cones, or glittered leaves. We have an artificial Christmas wreath to suit every home, from traditional to modern décor. Finding the right Christmas wreath is easy with our tips:

    Where are you going to hang the wreath? This question should be at the beginning of your design process as the location of the wreath determines its size and whether it needs to be suited for indoor or outdoor use. Before you choose a wreath, measure the place where you intend to put it. If you want to use a Christmas wreath as decoration for a door, make sure the wreath is smaller than the width of the door, so you can still open and close the door once you have attached the wreath. If you are planning on hanging a wreath above a fire place, consider the width of the fire place, the ceiling height, and the overall size of the room. A small wreath placed above a large fire place in a spacious room will look sad and not give the desired effect. The same applies when choosing a table wreath – make sure its size is proportionate to the table. Equally important to size is whether the wreath will be displayed indoors or outdoors. Not every artificial Christmas wreath can be used outdoors. While the foliage is always safe for outdoor use, berry décor is often not made to withstand the elements, particularly moisture, while faux snow (or flocking, as it is also called) and glitter are never suitable for outdoor exposure.

    How are you going to hang the wreath? Always make sure that your artificial wreath is securely attached to the door or wall you are hanging it from. We recommend using wreath hangers, so you do not have to drill nails into your door or wall and create permanent damage. They fit snug over your door and can be removed once you take the wreath down. Alternatively, for a smaller or lighter wreath, we recommend removable wall hooks that leave no damage, residue or stickiness. Several brands offer a wide range of them and they are easily available at hardware and craft stores. For a more festive touch, we love a Christmas wreath suspended from an elegant ribbon, such as velvet or satin. Wider ribbons made of denser fabrics work better as they can sustain more weight.

    How do you choose the right color and design? While it is obviously up to your personal taste and preference which Christmas wreath to choose, you should consider a few things before making a purchase. Many of our customers love to pick a décor theme for Christmas, with matching wreath, garland, and artificial Christmas tree. A themed Christmas décor is a great way to create a unified look, which is visually very pleasing, especially in a living room where the Christmas tree is the focal point. You can extend the theme to several rooms of your home or even your entire house, if you wish. If you already have existing Christmas decoration, we suggest finding a wreath that matches or provides an interesting contrast, such as a eucalyptus wreath matched with a Silver Noble Fir or a lush green Balsam Fir contrasted by a bright red berry wreath. When deciding on a decorated Christmas wreath, pay close attention to all the design elements of the room – the color(s) of the rug, furniture, wall paint or paper, paintings, curtains, door(s), etc. With this consideration in mind, the wreath can add a fun pop of color or support the overall color palette of the room. Generally, if you prefer to convey a traditional or more rustic look (think cozy Swiss chalet), a Christmas wreath with pine cones or a berry wreath would be your first choice. Wispy foliage and flowers typically associated with Christmas, such as poinsettias are elegant and romantic, whereas for a more modern look you could opt for a eucalyptus wreath (fabulous against the backdrop of a red front door!).

To ensure that your pre-decorated artificial Christmas wreath will bring you joy season after season, we recommend the following:

  • Always lightly fluff up your wreath after taking it out of the box, including the first time you use it.
  • Always store the wreath in a dark, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. A generously sized box (do NOT smash the wreath!) with a tight fitting lid works best.
  • Keep your decorated Christmas wreath away from small children and pets. Swallowing a pine cone, berry, or other decorative piece can be harmful and dangerous.


Extremely popular with both commercial and residential customers, a pre-lit artificial Christmas wreath is one of the easiest ways to decorate for the holidays. If you are uncertain about purchasing one, here are all the reasons why we can't imagine Christmas without it.

  • All of our lighted artificial Christmas wreaths come with professionally strung lights which are evenly distributed for minimal wire visibility and maximum illumination.
  • LED lights give you complete peace of mind. They are virtually indestructible, last ten times longer than incandescent lights, and stay cool to the touch, even after endless hours of continuous operation. Best of all, they use up to 90% less energy than conventional lights, so you don't have to worry about leaving the lights on your wreath switched on for an entire holiday season. All of which makes them also the perfect choice for commercial applications.
  • Unlike an unlit wreath, a pre-lit Christmas wreath creates a festive atmosphere day and night.


Designed to impress, a giant artificial Christmas wreath from Santa's Quarters transforms any large space in an instant, whether you are decorating at home or in a commercial setting.

  • Crafted of extra durable materials for indoor and outdoor use and made to withstand all elements, including sun and snow.
  • Made with superior lush foliage for a striking appearance.
  • Highest quality energy saving LED lights, either in a warm white or multi color option for rich illumination.
  • Intelligent design with half or quarter sections for space saving post season storage. Hardware for quick and easy wreath assembly is included in all shipments.
  • Heavy duty wreath backing allows for easy hanging.
  • Endless design possibilities – choose from plain green needles or pre-decorated with pine cones, and tailor the wreath to suit your décor by adding ribbon, bows, ornaments, Christmas flowers or glitter sprays.
  • Add a matching Christmas garland to complete the look.

Need help choosing the right extra large outdoor wreath for your project? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-888-334-7527.