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Santa's Quarters ™ Christmas Wreaths

Holiday wreaths are one of the most iconic Christmas decorations, and certainly the easiest way to add a festive touch to your home or business. But most evergreen foliage stays fresh for only a short time, especially in dry indoor conditions and in hot weather such as in southern climates. The needles eventually become dry and fall off, and the once beautiful arrangement turns not-so-festive. Our artificial Christmas wreaths are the perfect solution, used by thousands of customers and businesses nationally and internationally.

Our artificial wreaths are displayed in three different categories to make finding the perfect wreath easy:

Green Wreaths

Our green wreaths are classic artificial evergreen wreaths. They come both plain and with pinecones, and both pre lit and unlit. They are an excellent choice for front door wreaths since they can be used outdoors, and can also be used on walls and in windows. They come in sizes ranging from 20 - 36 inches in diameter.

Decorated Christmas Wreaths

Our beautifully decorated artificial Christmas wreaths come with a variety of additions, from red berries and twigs to pine cones and ornaments. They can be used as decorative door wreaths, as long as they are not exposed to rain. These unique wreaths also come both pre lit and unlit, and up to 3' in diameter.

Flocked Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Our flocked Christmas wreaths will transform your home into a winter wonderland. They come in sizes ranging from 16" to 36" in diameter, some with a light dusting of snow and some with heavy flocking. They're available unlit and prelit, with both warm white and multi colored lights.

Giant Christmas Wreaths

Our giant Christmas wreaths are made specifically for outdoor use, and are used by many shopping malls, hotels, businesses, and homes. They come in sizes ranging from 4' to 12' in diameter, and are available both pre lit and unlit.

How to Decorate Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Our decorated wreaths need no additional work at all, but if you'd like to decorate a plain or green artificial Christmas wreath yourself, we have just what you need. Ideal additions can be found among our Christmas picks and sprays and our Christmas ball ornaments.