Commercial Christmas Ball Ornaments

If we had to pick an all-around star among our ornaments, it would be our solid colored, shatterproof Christmas ball ornaments! Extremely versatile, they add festive pops of color to any Christmas display. Achieve equally beautiful results by either using them alone, or by mixing them in with patterned and uniquely shaped ornaments to provide depth and emphasize a color scheme. They instantly dress up any Christmas tree, wreath, or garland, and make elegant props and window decorations.

The Perfect Outdoor Ornaments

Looking for outdoor Christmas ball ornaments? Our ball ornaments are made specifically for outdoor use, UV treated to stand up to the sun, and professionally pre-wired through holes that are drilled through the ornament neck so the caps will never fall off, even in the strongest wind and rain. Of course, the wire can also be removed if you won't be hanging the ornaments.

If you need large outdoor Christmas balls, we've got you covered. Most colors come in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 16 inches in diameter.

The Perfect Christmas Tree Ornaments

With 24 vibrant colors and an amazing variety of finishes, you won't find better Christmas tree ball ornaments anywhere. Our smaller sizes, 3" - 4", are perfect for the average residential sized Christmas tree, but for customers with a larger tree or those just looking to make a bigger impression, we have 6", 8", 10", and larger balls too. To achieve a desirable look, we suggest using ornaments that are proportionate to the size of the tree. The bigger the tree, the bigger the ornaments, and vice versa.

In our experience, customers often find it difficult to imagine the actual size of large Christmas ball ornaments. We therefore recommend using a tape measure or ruler as a gauge to avoid ordering too big or too small. Listed sizes for our balls are in diameter, which is the distance from top to bottom or left to right.

How to Make Personalized Christmas Ball Ornaments

Making unique and personalized ornaments is easy with our large selection of balls in a great variety of colors and finishes. While we do not offer printing services, both our shiny and matte finish ornaments can be painted or written on with a permanent marker.

All of our Christmas ball ornaments are:

Shatterproof Christmas balls
✓ UV-treated and fade-resistant
Weatherproof for all outdoor conditions
✓ Available in a wide range of sizes from 3” to 16” in diameter
✓ Available in many different finishes
✓ Available in a large assortment of festive colors to suit most decors

Pro Tip

Not sure how many ornaments to put on your tree? Our Christmas Ornament Calculator™ quickly helps you find the perfect number of ornaments for any size tree.