Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees

Ready for a different take on a traditional green tree? Discover new decorating possibilities with our Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees - a stunning blend of green needles, white snow dustings, and clear ice.

To achieve a frosted look, the tips are lightly dusted with faux snow and covered with “ice”, leaving most of the green needles exposed, and resulting in a magnificent contrast of green and white. Brilliant professionally strung grade lights add a soft glow, creating magical reflections in the icy frosting.

Frosted trees lend themselves beautifully for decorating with icicle ornaments as well as monochromatic decorating schemes, such as silver, gold, or red. We also love more dramatic looks with pink or purple decorations, which look stunning against the white and green background of the tree. The tips of our artificial trees can be bent to shape, and just like on a real tree, they can hold even the biggest ornaments.