Large Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

Not sure how to decorate your tree this year? Dressing up your Christmas tree is now easier than ever with our dazzling selection of large Christmas ornaments. Sized up to 24”, they are suitable for a wide range of tree sizes, from residential to giant Christmas trees. We have even grouped them into coordinated collections to take the guessing out of decorating.

Whether you choose simple shapes or fancy baubles, they also make attractive props, window decorations, or stand alone pieces – the possibilities are endless.

Our Large Christmas Ornaments are:

Made of a shatterproof material that resembles glass
✓ Available in a wide range of sizes up to 24” in length
✓ Available in different patterns and finishes
✓ Available in a large assortment of festive colors to suit most decors

To achieve a desirable look, we suggest using ornaments that are proportionate to the size of the tree or space/room you need to decorate. The bigger the tree (room), the bigger the ornaments, and vice versa. We suggest mixing different sizes and shapes to give your decorations depth and to add visual interest.

In our experience, customers often find it difficult to imagine the actual size of large ornaments. We therefore recommend using a tape measure or ruler as a gauge to avoid ordering too big or too small.

Not sure how many ornaments to put on your tree? Our Christmas Decoration Toolset™ quickly helps you find the perfect number of ornaments for any size tree.