A Flocked Christmas Tree

Snow flakes dancing in the sky. The stillness of a cold winter day. Fluffy piles of fresh snow on dark green branches. There's nothing like the feeling of a winter wonderland and its association with the Christmas season. Now you can create that feeling for your family and friends with a flocked artificial Christmas tree of your own.

Our magical selection includes full profile heavily flocked trees like our Flocked Alaskan all the way down to our minimalist Snow Fir, a slim flocked Christmas tree perfect for those looking for a smaller tree or a modern feel. In addition to our green needle trees, we also have the Flocked White Spruce, a completely white flocked Christmas tree with white needles covered by a perfect layer of snow.

Our premium snow is professionally applied and stays on season after season, so your flocked tree will retain its dreamy winter white look for many years to come. Please note that it is natural for some flocking to come off when you take the tree out of the box. This is normal and will not diminish the look of your tree. Any flocking that has come off can simply be vacuumed off the floor and will not leave any stains or marks. All of our trees come either pre lit, or unlit and pre lit, with the perfect number of professionally strung low-energy LED lights.

Decorating Your Flocked Tree

Flocked trees can be decorated like any other tree, with the white snow providing an exquisite canvas for colorful ornaments. Depending on the tree model, heavy flocking can also cover some of the lights on your tree, which creates a magical soft glow and adds to the charm of the tree. Our Christmas ball ornaments, in 24 vibrant colors, are the perfect addition to these trees.

What is a flocked Christmas tree?

A flocked tree is a tree covered in fake snow, and flocking refers to the process of covering the tree with artificial snow. This process allows for a range of stunning effects, from a completely snow covered Christmas tree to lightly covered tips, and even piles of snow on individual branches with more or less of the green needles shining through.

Are flocked trees safe for pets?

Flocking material is not safe for pets to eat, so if your pet can get to the tree or there is a chance that your pet may attempt to eat the flocking, then you should not have a flocked tree. Real Christmas trees are also unsafe for certain pets, including cats, as the pine needles and water the tree is places in are toxic to cats. If you have a cat, the safest option is a non-flocked artificial Christmas tree.

How long can a flocked tree last?

All of our flocked trees have 10 year warranties, and as long as your tree is stored properly (not too hot or humid), it should last even more than 10 years.