Christmas Ball Craft Ideas

When it comes to DIY holiday crafts, our Christmas ball ornaments are a versatile and captivating medium to work with. These simple spheres offer endless possibilities for creativity and customization, allowing you to craft unique and eye-catching decorations. Here are some of our best craft ideas using solid-colored ball ornaments.

Festive Hand-Painted Designs

Transform our solid-colored ball ornaments into miniature works of art by hand-painting intricate designs on their smooth surfaces. Use acrylic paints in vibrant hues to create patterns, such as snowflakes, stars, or whimsical holiday scenes. Experiment with different brush strokes, shading techniques, and metallic accents to add depth and visual interest. Whether you opt for traditional or contemporary motifs, these hand-painted ornaments will become cherished keepsakes on your Christmas tree.

Glittering Elegance

Add a touch of glamour to your holiday decor by embellishing our ball ornaments with glitter. Begin by applying a thin layer of clear-drying adhesive to the ornament's surface. Sprinkle your choice of glitter generously over the adhesive, ensuring even coverage. Shake off any excess glitter and allow it to dry completely. The result will be stunning, sparkling ornaments that catch the light and add a festive touch to your tree or garlands. If you'd like glitter finish ball ornaments without doing the work, we do offer both glitter and sequin finished ornaments in all colors.

Ribbon Wrapped Beauties

Elevate the beauty of our Christmas ball ornaments by wrapping them with ribbon. Choose ribbons in various widths, textures, and colors that complement your desired theme. Secure one end of the ribbon to the ornament with a small dot of hot glue, then gently wrap it around, securing it at regular intervals with additional dots of glue. Experiment with different ribbon arrangements, such as crisscross patterns or spirals, for a visually captivating effect. These ribbon-wrapped ornaments will make a sophisticated statement on your tree.

Faux Floral Fantasies

Create enchanting ornaments by incorporating faux flowers and greenery. Select artificial flowers, such as poinsettias, holly berries, or miniature roses, that match your chosen color scheme. Remove the stems from the flowers and hot glue them onto the ornament's surface. Our larger ball ornaments, those with a 6" or larger diameter, will work best for this task. Fill in any gaps with artificial leaves or sprigs of greenery. The result will be a stunning floral ornament that adds a touch of nature's beauty to your holiday decor.

Charming Character Ornaments

Bring a sense of whimsy to your Christmas tree with character-themed ball ornaments. Choose one of our 24 colors that represents your chosen character, such as red for Santa Claus or green for a mischievous elf. Use a combination of craft paper, felt, and other materials to create facial features, clothing, and accessories. Attach these elements to the ornament's surface with hot glue. Let your imagination run wild as you craft a delightful cast of characters that will delight both children and adults alike.

Ombré Magic

Embrace the trend of ombré colors by creating ball ornaments in gradient shades. Select a set of our ornaments in the same color family, ranging from light to dark. Apply a coat of paint to each ornament, gradually darkening the shade with each subsequent one. Start with the lightest shade at the top of your tree and gradually work your way down to the darkest shade. The result will be a visually stunning ombré effect that adds depth and visual interest to your holiday display.

Written by Santa's Quarters™

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