How to make DIY Christmas ornaments?

Start with basic Christmas ball ornaments in any color you like and personalize them with paint, stickers or glitter. We recommend spray paint for easy and even application, which also allows you to create beautiful ombré effects. This works particularly well with pastel color combinations, such as lavender, pink, celadon or ice blue. For more detailed designs we suggest using acrylic paint, which is available in a wide range of colors and can also be mixed together to create any shade. Use white, silver or gold acrylic paint to draw snow flakes or icicles on bright colored ball ornaments to create your signature design. Stripes and polka dots are another easy and fun way to paint on Christmas ornaments with acrylic paint.

Alternatively, you can achieve stylish results by attaching stickers, glitter, pearls, or even sequins to Christmas ball ornaments. Glitter, beads or pearls can be fixed to ball ornaments with super glue, but make sure to always wear rubber gloves when working with super glue to protect your skin. Felt cut outs are also a fun way to personalize any ball ornament. For safety purposes, we recommend using Christmas ball ornaments made from shatterproof material.

Additional Options

To display your personalized ornaments in the best way possible, see our guide to Decorating Your Tree With Ornaments. And to use your personalized ornaments outdoors, find out how to weatherproof your Christmas ornaments.

Written by Santa's Quarters™